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Register Now to Play in the Largest D&D Campaign Ever !
Help Set A D&D World Record
Saturday APR. 22 
12:00 - 4:00pm  
Provo Towne Centre Mall

Provo, Ut 
1000+ people playing all at once!
Click HERE to check video

Kingdom Grand is under attack by an ancient evil. Shadows in the dark have started to grow. An entire town has gone missing. Restless enemies at the borders. Everyone knows war is coming, behind smiling faces the look of dread and hopelessness is starting to show under their masks of normality. Vecna is coming. He brings death and destruction. Kingdom Grand calls to all willing to stand and fight. This will be our last stand against the darkness. We need your help. Every willing warrior, mage, and witch. Help us fight in the dead wars.

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