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What is the Dead Wars?

The dead wars is the largest D&D campaign event in the history of mankind, with 1000 players and 200 DMs playing a single massive campaign on 200 tables in Provo Utah.

The campaign takes place in the Kingdom of Grand, where an evil army of undead is being assembled.  The kingdom is raising it's own army of brave and valiant fighters to protect it's people and freedom.

Players will play at one of 200 tables in a 4 hour campaign working to protect the Kingdom of grand.  Each table will play a unique role on the overall combined campaign against this relentless evil.  Should one table should fall, then other tables will need to assist as they will all need to work together in the adventure.

Every hour each table will have a short break as messengers (running around clapping coconuts) will share news from across the land to keep each player and DM updated.

Come and join this first ever, world-record attempt and play in the largest D&D campaign ever.

Remember, the undead will not die again by themselves !

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