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Being a DM for the Largest D&D Game Ever

Vecna is coming !

Kingdom Grand is under attack by an ancient evil. Vecna is coming, and he brings an army of un-dead who deal death and destruction.  We need DMs to lead the campaign in the greatest battle ever !

IMPORTANT: Each DM will be given a Unique event exclusive miniature created by Velrock Art and printed in house. This is something you can only get by being a DM for this event!

Dm Responsibilities include


  • Receiving and prepping the dead wars 1 shot. Emails will be sent to those who are registered as DM with additional info, maps, and adventure write ups as we get closer to Game Day


  • Playing with your preferred players as well as possibly additional non preferred players. DMs will cap at 6 players per table, if you have a group of 5 prefered players, depending on attendance the event coordinators may add another player who doesn't have an assigned DM to your table. 


  • Joining a group discord chat to answer questions and communicate between tables. We will be using a discord server to communicate with all the tables and report on how each adventure is going. We expect you to be able to join, and communicate there and also to act professionally. 


  • Pick up Table packets. The week before we will also have all info printed and ready for tables in our store, along with table numbers and seating location. While these can be picked up morning of, it is encouraged to grab the packet week of as to cut down crowds and organization. 


  • Lastly, attend the event! You're a huge part of our game! Do what you can to make sure your calendar is clear, We can't wait to set TTRPG history with you!

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